Why All Moms Deserve Postnatal Care

This is the beginning of the postpartum period, or the fourth trimester. Whether it’s your first or third time giving birth, it can feel daunting: you wish you could bring the hospital nurse home with you or hire an overnight doula or remember anything you learned during those prenatal baby classes—and there is a desire to sleep for days even though you know you will be up for nights for the foreseeable future.

nursery at postnatal retreat

Four benefits of a Postnatal Retreat

Spending time at a postnatal retreat in the days and week after child birth is a new concept for many families in the US. Yet, in major cities across the world, it is a long-standing tradition and incredibly common practice. If you’re not sure why postnatal retreats are an essential step in the transition from pregnancy to postpartum, here’s a good place to start: