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It can be hard to imagine all the benefits of a postnatal retreat if you haven’t experienced it yet. Read what our guests have to say about their experience

postpartum meals at postnatal retreat

Boram Care was the mental and physical break I needed after birth. After my third c-section, I left the hospital within 48 hours, coming home to two very excited siblings. Though very happy to be home, real life came rushing in with parenting commitments and responsibilities. I realized that it was taking a toll on my recovery and bonding, I needed a break to take a moment to rest and recover so that I could show up as the best version of myself for my kiddos. Stepping out of the cab I knew I made the best decision. 

Met by the the caring staff, I entered a room that was stunning that over looked the Empire State Building. The staff helped me and baby girl settle in. There was nothing for me to do, but relax, eat and rest. At first I was nervous to use the nursery, just mommy anxiety, but once I met the care team I knew she was in amazing hands. One night I pumped and slept a full night sleep knowing the caring night team was loving on her. I haven’t slept through the night in 6 years! Now the food! It was incredible. I am gluten free and they offered me the most delicious food tailored to healing after child birth. Also, the mothers lounge had incredible snacks. 

I attended a few talks in the mothers lounge and also had a meditation led session that left me grounded. I can not say enough positives about the caring, engaging and knowledgeable care team staff. Boram Care is an exceptional place that let me focus on me while continuing to love on my new born. It allowed me to go home to all three kids the best, most relaxed and happy mom I can be. I can’t thank the whole staff enough for their support and care.