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Boram Postnatal Retreat at The Langham, New York

A stay made for postnatal moms and their babies

Motherhood is a journey that is both a shared and unique experience alike. A common thread though is that mothers who are surrounded by a care team and support network are more likely to have faster physical recoveries, better mental health and a positive postnatal experience.


We invite you to join us for your postnatal retreat and give yourself the time and space to ease into motherhood. During your stay, you will have guidance and education, nourishing meals, helping hands, a 24/7 Baby Room, as well as lactation and feeding support. Stay with us for 3, 5 or 7-nights in one of 16 private, well-appointed rooms at our NYC 5th Avenue location at The Langham, New York in Midtown Manhattan.

Postnatal care that goes above and beyond

Your Boram stay starts well before your arrival and past your departure.

Take advantage of our pre-birth support, parenting workshops and community of mothers when you need it.

Pre-birth support

Prior to your stay, Boram offers Pre-Birth support which including workshops, registry guidance and prenatal massages.


During your Boram stay

When you arrive at Boram after giving birth, you will experience the full suite of our services including hands-on workshops with your baby, recovery support, nutritious meals therapeutic services and more. See below for a full list of amenities.

Home follow up

After arriving home from your Boram stay, your Care Team will follow up with you to answer any questions you might have and ensure you feel prepared for home.

pre birth support at postnatal retreat

Pre-Birth Support

Our Care Team will reach out to you to begin personalizing your stay. Prior to your Boram stay, we also offer parenting workshops, registry guidance, and a prenatal massage.

parenting workshops at postnatal retreat

Parenting Workshops

Parenting workshops led by experts in the parenting space are an integral part of the postnatal retreat. These classes may be taken before your stay, during and after your stay. Classes range from newborn safety & CPR to lactation, to healthy sleep habits and more.

doula overnight care at postnatal retreat

24/7 Professional Care Team

Our care team consists of postpartum doulas, specialized newborn & maternal nursing assistants, and newborn care specialists. The Boram care team is compassionate and professionally trained to support your recovery and transition into parenthood.

nursery for postpartum care

24/7 Baby Room

Our baby room is open around the clock, allowing you to rest while your baby is looked after by our care team. At Boram, we follow evidence based protocols to assure safe feeding, cleaning, and sterilization processes.

community of mothers for postpartum care

Mother’s Lounge

Our dedicated Mother’s Lounge is stocked with nutritious snacks and beverages 24/7 and used for relaxing, learning, socializing and building community.

postpartum care at postnatal retreat

Recovery Support

Our care team helps parents learn and ease their way into parenthood through teachback and experience during their stay.  We also provide sitz baths & footbaths to allow for healing and detoxification at the postnatal retreat.

postpartum meals

Nutritious Meals

We emphasize a balanced menu as one of the key components to postnatal care.  Your stay includes a full menu of delicious, nourishing foods designed by a certified nutritionist and prepared by an award-winning chef. 

postpartum massage services at postnatal retreat

Therapeutic Services

We offer postnatal massages to help promote sleep and reduce swelling, head & shoulder massages to release the tension and foot reflexology to help you rest and recover.

safety and security at postnatal retreat

Safety & Security

Our baby room and hallways are monitored 24/7 and each bassinet has an assigned camera so parents can watch their baby while in the baby room. We have safe breastmilk labeling protocols, ID bands for all guests.


Choose either a superior room or upgrade to a suite for your postnatal retreat. Packages start at $1305/night and are all-inclusive of room, 24/7 care team, meals and other amenities.
Superior Room at Boram Postnatal Retreat

Superior Room

Comfortable and classic, this refined guest room features a king bed, elegant yet comfortable furnishings, a spacious marble bathroom and plenty of natural light. Each room has been thoughtfully equipped with all the essentials you and your baby will need in you.

Suite at boram postnatal retreat


Relax in a spacious suite, outfitted with a comfortable king bed, queen sleeper sofa, deep soaking tub, walk-in wardrobe, and floor-to-ceiling windows with stunning views (and black out curtains, of course). Each suite has been thoughtfully equipped with all the essentials you and your baby will need.

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