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These third-time parents spent 5 days at Boram. Here’s what they loved – and what surprised them.

As doctors and seasoned parents, Alicia and Tarek knew they needed a better postpartum care plan for the arrival of their third. Here’s what they loved about their time at Boram.

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What is it like to stay at a postnatal retreat? We know our future guests are wondering this very thing, so we asked a husband and wife duo if they would share their experience with us. 



Alicia and Tarek are seasoned parents and doctors who stayed with us after their third son was born. Not only were we able to get the perspectives of both parents – the postpartum mother and the father– we were also able to see the value of a postpartum stay through the eyes of a surgeon and an OBGYN.



We sat down (virtually) with Alicia and Tarek two weeks after their Boram stay to see how the after birth care they received with us was different from going it alone. Here are the highlights and insights they shared with us.

Boram: Let’s start with a big takeaway: what was the most surprising or unexpected element of your stay with us? 


Alicia: Honestly, I was blown away by how professional everyone was. It was such a cohesive vision, and everyone on the team was extremely experienced and professional.

Tarek: I expected, going in, for it to be a luxury hotel retreat. It felt like a combination of that and the delivery floor of the hospital. The level of care was great for a newborn. We’ve been down this road before so we know what to expect. With our first born it was all new and we needed family members to help but this environment was great for new parents – the level of care was there.

Speaking of first-time parents, how did this experience compare to bringing home your first?


A: It was so unexpected and special. With the third, it’s usually all business, but this gave us a chance to bond and have one-on-one time. It’s incredibly helpful for any parent – first or third time moms.

T: Going home can be overwhelming. So many people pull you in different directions. This really gives you the perfect segue. At Boram you get an objective professional – postpartum doulas, lactation consultants, etc. – in an environment where you are comfortable. You learn healthy habits that you can take home.

A: Yes, especially in NYC where many people don’t have family at home. These are professional and experienced providers.  It’s a very, very compassionate and warm environment. I remember saying to one of the Care Team members that I felt bad that I left the baby in the nursery for a long time, and she was so supportive to remind me there was no judgment. 

Had you ever heard of this concept before learning about Boram?

A: No,  I had never heard of this before. It was a very new concept to me.

T: I grew up outside of the US, in a culture where the community is there to help you as a new parent. I grew up with community and family co-parenting –  but never a third party.

What would you say to a family deciding if Boram should be part of their postpartum care plan? 

T: Today’s families are very much about doing things on their own. This definitely has value. You don’t have to do it alone.

A: Do it! 

As medical providers, how do you think this will change the way you advise patients?


A: I would definitely recommend it. Sometimes, I feel as women, we are expected to do it all and not complain. We’re always the last ones to take care of ourselves. There’s a lot of pressure on women during the postpartum period. Boram is a fantastic service to have – to be surrounded by a skilled and compassionate team to help you through the transition.


As an OBGYN, this serves really well to prevent the common postpartum anxiety and depression that can develop. For one, sleep is so hard to oget. It seems so basic, but sleep is  so crucial. Going from the contrast of being monitored at the hospital and having people check on you constantly, to them returning home. When you leave with your first baby, there’s so much anxiety. It’s very stressful for moms, for many of my patients, when you’re not ready to leave the hospital. Boram offers a beautiful transition point. Ease your way into learning. It honestly makes it go from being a super stressful transition to a more beautiful transition you might think of more fondly! 


T: The expectations on women in modern society are harsh.  You’re asked to do so much. In the past you would always rely on help from family and community. Moms are asked to be everything now, and yet we live in a disconnected society. The time after child birth is extremely hard and isolating for moms. We can’t revert back to the preindustrial era, but something like this, like Boram, helps bring back the sense of community people used to have.  It’s great to have that option

Thank you so, so much for your time! Any last thoughts to share?


A: This feels small, but the fact that they came and got all the bottles and pumping supplies and cleaned, sanitized and returned them. You don’t realize the little things that are so helpful. It was a really nice detail that took a weight off my shoulders that I didn’t even know existed!


And, honestly, I took a nap within the first 40 minutes of arriving. I was so grateful to be there. Our son was in such great hands with postpartum doulas and certified nurses and nursing assistants. So, yes – the attention to the supplies, the food – and it was so quiet!


T: For me, it was the emphasis on rest. Making sure you felt like you could replenish. We do believe it’s an amazing concept, there is such a need for it. We would definitely recommend it to others.

Considering a postnatal retreat into your postpartum care plan is not common here in the US. And that’s exactly why we started Boram – to elevate and make essential the standard of care we believe all postpartum mothers deserve. 


Postpartum doulas, night nurses, lactation consultants and wellness experts are increasingly becoming an essential part of a family’s postnatal plan. As you make a list of all the support and services you’ll need in the weeks and months after giving birth, consider a postnatal retreat for the earliest days. It’s the caring and compassionate support of a professional team blended with the rest and comfort of home.