Postpartum Recovery Supplies Checklist

As you prepare for the arrival of your little bundle of joy, it’s crucial to remember that postpartum recovery is just as important as pregnancy itself. While you look forward to  newborn cuddles and that baby smell (seriously, why do they smell so good?), it’s essential not to overlook the nitty-gritty details of postpartum care. In this guide, we’ll take you through the essentials of stocking up on postpartum recovery supplies for home. Think of it as your survival kit for those early days of parenthood when sleep deprivation and diaper changes become your new normal. 

Comfort is Key

First things first, let’s talk comfort. You’re going to spend a lot of time sitting, nursing, and bonding with your little one, so make sure your throne is as comfortable as it can be. Invest in comfortable dark-colored clothes, breastfeeding tops or bras, and a plush, supportive pillow – for improved sleep in the moments when you can get it, you may find your old sleep companion pregnancy pillow still helps! And don’t forget a baby-feeding pillow and a donut for your precious derrière, too.

The Haute Couture of Disposable Underwear

Gone are the days of lacy lingerie. Say hello to the haute couture of disposable underwear – the kind that stretches to accommodate your post-baby body and provides the utmost comfort. Trust us; you’ll want to stock up on these, and maybe even strut your stuff in them.

Pads, Pads, and More Pads

Remember the good ol’ days when you could wear cute, tiny, barely-there pads? Well, those days are temporarily on hold. Stock up on maxi pads that could double as landing strips for small aircraft – yes, that big. The postpartum flow is not for the faint of heart, so prepare accordingly.

And don’t forget about nursing pads- those boobies may get leaking and this will prevent you from having to change your top too often!

Peri Bottle: Your New Best Friend

Meet your new best friend forever – the peri bottle. After giving birth, the last thing you want is to wipe with toilet paper. Instead, use warm water from your trusty peri bottle to cleanse and soothe. It’s a game-changer, really.

Portable Changing Pad

Babies pee and poop a LOT. As you are focused on both your baby and your own healing, grab a few portable changing pads so you can change your baby easily, especially if you have stairs or a lot of rooms in your home. This way you can optimize rest and recovery and diaper changes- a win win!

Witch Hazel Wonders

If you’ve never heard of witch hazel, now is the time to get acquainted. Witch hazel pads or spray are your secret weapon against postpartum discomfort and inflammation. Think of it as a soothing, magical potion for your lady bits.

Frozen Perfection: Padsicles & ice packs

We’ve mentioned pads, but let’s take them to the next level – padsicles. These are essentially pads that you’ve given a frosty makeover. Soak them in witch hazel and aloe vera, then freeze them. They’ll provide you with that icy relief you never knew you needed. Note: padsicles should only be utilized for a day or two; beyond that, you want to encourage circulation for healing. 

Ice packs may come in handy if you’re feeling engorged during that first week postpartum to decrease swelling before feeding or pumping. If you don’t plan to breastfeed, ice packs will be important for the cessation of lactation. 

Sitz bath

After the padsicle period is over, a sitz bath is a great option to encourage circulation, decrease swelling, ease pain, and relax (as much as you can relax on the toilet). Amazon has some inexpensive over the toilet options which you can keep in the bathroom along with some salts for a great postpartum recovery treat.

The Wonder of Nursing Bras

If you plan to breastfeed, nursing bras are a must-have. Opt for ones that are not only functional but make you feel good. After all, just because you’re a new mom doesn’t mean you can’t rock a chic bralette. Hatch has some great options in this postpartum recovery supplies list.

Netflix Subscription (Uninterrupted Binge-Watching)

Postpartum recovery means downtime, and what better way to spend it than with your favorite shows? Stock up on some snacks, cozy blankets, and renew your Netflix subscription. Your baby may not appreciate your taste in TV just yet, but you deserve some “you” time.

Meal Prep: A Lifesaver

Cooking gourmet meals will probably be the last thing on your mind during the early days of motherhood. Consider preparing and freezing some meals in advance or ordering from a meal delivery service that specializes in postpartum nutritional needs. This way, you can nourish yourself without the stress of cooking while caring for your newborn.

Hydration Station

Breastfeeding, diaper changes, and sleepless nights can leave you feeling dehydrated. Make sure you have a trusty water bottle, with a straw for easy access, by your side at all times. Choose an extra large water bottle or stash water bottles in every room so that hydration is always within arm’s reach. 

Over the counter medications

While you should always speak to your care provider, common over-the-counter medications include Ibuprofen, Tylenol, and Colace (that first poop may need some assistance making its first postpartum appearance!). Assuming you are clear to take them (no allergies or adverse effects), we recommend stocking up on those should you need them. 

Support System: Friends and Family

While not something you can stock up on, your support system is invaluable during the postpartum period. Don’t hesitate to lean on friends and family for help. Whether it’s someone to lend an ear, bring a snack, or hold the baby while you take a much-needed nap, don’t be shy about accepting assistance. We have written before about building your village and how to be a supportive partner during postpartum as this circle of close people will be your greatest asset.

As you prepare to welcome your little one into the world, don’t forget to take care of yourself too. Stocking up on postpartum recovery supplies will ensure that you get through those early days of parenthood as comfortably as possible. So, prepare wisely, and embrace the beautiful journey ahead. You’ve got this!!