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Sleep like a Baby

Our series of Sleep Bootcamp classes are meant to educate you on everything infant sleep, so you can start your journey more prepared.

While up to 67% of parents report issues with their child’s sleep1, more knowledgeable parents are more likely to report that their children exhibited healthy sleep practices.2

Introducing: Sleep Bootcamp

 Led by infant sleep specialists, this 3 class virtual series will teach you everything you need to know on infant sleep, from bedtime routines to blackout curtains, so that you can start your journey with confidence.


2 Virtual Group Classes 

Deep-dive into sleep topics with an infant sleep specialist.

1 Q+ A Session

Ask all of your sleep questions in our Q+A Session. 
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Individualized Attention

We keep classes small so that your individual questions and needs can be addressed in each class.


Connect with other parents and learn from their experiences.

Class is in Session

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Class 1: The 4th Trimester: Cracking the Code of Infant Sleep

Let’s kick things off with an exploration into the mysterious realm of the 4th trimester—when baby is still adjusting to this bright, noisy world. We’ll decode your infant’s sleep needs and abilities from 0-4 months, with strategies for when your baby hasn’t read the safe sleep guidelines and has other preferences. Our mission is to guide you in cultivating positive sleep habits and giving you the confidence to know you’re giving your baby exactly what they need.

Class 2: Preserving Parent Sleep: The Art of Sleeping in Fragments

We’ve got strategies to help you build in those precious moments of shuteye, even when your newborn opposes it, and what to do when you find yourself glaring at the ceiling while the baby slumbers sweetly. Because, let’s be honest, the phrase “sleep when the baby sleeps” doesn’t always mesh with reality.

Class 3: Group Sleep Q&A

Bring all your sleep questions! Whether it’s about setting the right bedtime, decoding the sudden shift in sleep patterns, or the fact that your baby seems to have skipped the memo on wake windows—no question is too out there, we have truly heard it all. 

Meet your Team

Kari Esh

Postpartum Doula, MA, CLC, PMH-C
Kari has assisted hundreds of families in meeting their sleep needs as a parent coach. She has a Masters in Clinical Psychology focused on the transition to motherhood and is a firm believer that happy parents parent better. Let’s face it, it’s easier to be a happy parent when you get some sleep!

Jonice Ward

Postpartum Doula, Infant Care Specialist, CLC
Jonice loves building up individuals and family units as they care for their children. She is a trained sleep consultant with experience in various parenting philosophies intent on finding the method of sleep learning that will leave behind a trail of well-rested parents and peacefully sleeping little ones.

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  • Class 1: The Fourth Trimester
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  • Class 3: Group Sleep Q&A - Ask Away!