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Testimonial 3
“I had a truly wonderful experience with Boram Anywhere. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect initially. It was great to identify and work through challenges, discuss mindful eating, discuss ideas and resources and talk through postpartum life. (Our postnatal coach) was incredible and I am so grateful for her. So empathic and judgment free - so encouraging on days when times got tough and overwhelming.”
Testimonial 2
“(Our postnatal coach) is an exceptional person who is caring and provides valuable insight to my daily parenting struggles. She constantly reminds me to care for myself when I completely forget to. She has helped me set realistic expectations for myself and my family. She's amazing and I consider her a valuable friend/advisor :)”
Testimonial 1
“It was helpful to have someone to talk to especially during such a chaotic postpartum experience. (Our postnatal coach) was super supportive and gave me a lot of valuable guidance that helped me navigate these first few months.”
Testimonial 1
Books and manuals only get you so far and the internet is way too scary - it made a world of a difference to have kind, caring, and passionate professionals guiding the way.
Testimonial 1
It was great to have someone to talk to during the early postpartum days who was there as an emotional support but also provide valuable information and suggestions for baby.
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