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How to Make a Baby Registry You’ll Actually Use

When it comes to life’s most significant milestones, there are few occasions that rival the arrival of a new baby. Creating a baby registry can be a bit overwhelming. With a zillion baby products out there, it’s hard to know where to start. Fear not, though, because we’re here to help you create a registry that’s not just useful but also a reflection of your unique style.


Step 1: Get Your Priorities Straight

Before you start adding every baby gadget under the sun to your baby registry, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you’re not opening a baby supply store. You’re just trying to make your life as a new parent a tad more manageable. Here’s how to set your priorities straight:

  • Must-Haves vs. Nice-to-Haves: Let’s start by distinguishing between the “must-haves” and the “nice-to-haves.” A car seat? A must-have. A robot that sings lullabies? Nice-to-have but not necessary.
  • Lifestyle Check: Consider your lifestyle. Are you a city dweller or a nature lover? Your environment can seriously influence your baby gear choices. Urban parents might opt for a compact stroller, while outdoorsy folks might go for the all-terrain, off-road model.
  • Budget Reality: Keep your budget in mind. Trust us; baby gear shopping can turn into a retail therapy spree real quick. So, set a budget that you think is reasonable for friends and family and stick to it.

Step 2: Research, Research, Research

Now that you’ve got your priorities straight, it’s time to get your Nancy Drew hat on and start researching baby products.
Call in the Veterans: Reach out to friends and family who’ve already survived the baby rollercoaster. They’re like your parenting Yodas, offering sage advice and maybe even some hand-me-down baby gear.


  • Read Reviews: Dive into the online ocean of baby product reviews. Websites, forums, and social media groups are teeming with parents who’ve been there, done that. Pay close attention to reviews and recommendations from parents who share similar needs and quirks.
  • In-Person Recon: Don your best spy attire and visit baby stores or attend expos. This is your chance to see products in the wild, try them out, and interrogate knowledgeable store staff.
  • Trust the Experts: Back and forth on your top pick? Schedule a 1-on-1 Preparing for Parenthood session with a Boram coach to hear the feedback they’ve heard from hundreds of parents and weigh your options for your lifestyle.

Step 3: Craft a Registry

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of actually creating your baby registry:


  • Baby Registry Platform: Choose a registry platform that’s user-friendly and lets you add items from different stores. Flexibility is key because why limit yourself to a single retailer?
  • Category Quest: Organize your registry into categories like “Nursery,” “Feeding,” “Diapering,” and “Travel.” Think of it as your own baby department store, minus the confusing price tags.
  • Price Point Variety: Make sure your registry covers a range of price points. Your Aunt Mildred might not have the same budget as your college buddy Steve, so give them options.
  • Specific Requests: Be crystal clear about what you want. Instead of vague entries like “baby clothes,” go for specifics like “five onesies in size 0-3 months” or “three pairs of baby socks.”
  • Think Long-Term: Babies grow faster than you can say “diaper change.” So, include items that’ll be useful as your tiny human turns into a not-so-tiny human, like convertible car seats and high chairs that can handle their growing appetite.

Step 4: Treat Yourself: Don’t Forget About Postpartum Care

While the spotlight is squarely on your soon-to-arrive baby, don’t forget about you. Parenthood is no easy feat, so here’s how to prepare and pamper yourself a bit:


  • Self-Care Essentials: Postpartum is a wild ride. Take it from us, it’s better to plan ahead. Make sure you add the essentials such as peri bottles, disposable underwear, perineal cooling pads, sitz bath supplies, nipple balm, nursing pads, and loose fitting bras. A postnatal stay might also make sense.
  • Prioritize your own wellness: Add a few wellness items to your registry, like a plush robe, scented candles, or a massage. Parenthood can be an overwhelming experience, and a bit of self-indulgence can go a long way in keeping you sane.
  • Bring the Party to You: At least for a few months, it may be bottles and breast pads instead of daiquiris and dancing. Include a few items for some cherished nights in with your partner or friends like a gift card for take out from your favorite restaurant or a subscription to a streaming service
  • Practical Helpers: Consider adding some practical gifts to your registry, like a cleaning service or meal delivery for those days when cooking feels like a Herculean task. Parenthood doesn’t come with a manual, but a little help can make a world of difference.


Step 5: Stay Flexible and Embrace the Chaos

Remember, your baby registry isn’t etched in stone. As your pregnancy progresses and you learn more about you and your baby’s needs, be ready to tweak your registry as needed. Stay flexible and embrace the beautiful chaos that is parenthood.