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"This is like heaven for postpartum patients." - Dr. Robbins
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"Postpartum care in America can be a matter of sink or swim"
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"Postpartum retreat centers are aiming to tackle a major widespread issue."

Welcome to Boram, a postnatal retreat for moms and newborn babies

postpartum care at postnatal retreat

A stay at Boram Postnatal Retreat is designed to ease you into the journey of motherhood. 

Your care team is here to guide you in all aspects including lactation support, self care and baby basics.

after birth care at postnatal retreat

What your care looks like at Boram

All services, equipment and accommodations at Boram have been designed specifically for the postpartum period directly after birth. These include physical recovery, mental wellness, education and guidance.

While breastfeeding is a part of nature, rarely does it come naturally. Our IBCLCs on site provide early lactation support throughout their stay to give mothers the foundation they need.

Your Care Team is made up of specialized and trained professionals who cover a range of experience from Registered Nurses to Certified Doulas.

Our baby room is staffed 24/7 and available to mothers at all times when they want to rest or focus on other things. 

Boram Postnatal Retreat is located at The Langham, New York in Midtown Manhattan. The Langham is a luxurious 5-star hotel and features a Michelin star restaurant alongside outstanding amenities.

Mothers speak for themselves

"The fact that at 3am I had lactation guidance from an IBCLC offering support, advice, a calm listening ear and a secure successful latch was everything to me"

Nursery in postnatal retreat

Start your postpartum care today

We’re here to answer any questions you might have about the postnatal retreat and postpartum care.

You’ve heard of a birth plan, now it’s time for your postpartum care plan.

Use our free postpartum care planner to start thinking about how you can assemble the care you need after giving birth.

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