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"This is like heaven for postpartum patients." - Dr. Robbins
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"Postpartum care in America can be a matter of sink or swim"
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"Postpartum retreat centers are aiming to tackle a major widespread issue."
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Postpartum is a journey,

let’s start with your foundation

Guidance from experienced professionals

Learning to take care of a baby can be daunting, especially for new parents. During a stay at Boram Postnatal Retreat, your professional Care Team will guide you on everything from diapering to infant CPR.

Care that’s flexible and judgment-free

There’s no “one way” when it comes to postpartum and parenting. Whether you choose breast or bottle, room-in or have your baby in our 24/7 nursery, you will always have flexible, judgment-free care.

Dedicated time to rest, recover and bond

Dedicated time for postpartum recovery is a commitment with long-lasting benefits proven around the world. Before bouncing back, invest in the  window to rest, recover and bond with your baby.

Stay at Boram, we’re here to help

Our professional Care Team specializes in the following to help you transition during the fourth trimester.

While breastfeeding is a part of nature, rarely does it come naturally. Our IBCLCs on site provide early lactation support throughout your stay to help build your breastfeeding foundation. 

Your stay at Boram is more than a room and nursery, it’s hands-on learning with your baby under the guidance of experienced professionals. Your Care Team will support you through all aspects of baby and mother care while also working with you to achieve your postpartum goals.

Our baby room is staffed 24/7 and available anytime you’d like to rest or focus on other things. A full night’s rest can do wonders for your recovery and so we encourage you to let us care for your baby.

The fourth trimester can be a lonely, confusing rollercoaster, which is why we host daily community workshops and events to help you connect, learn and share with other mothers who are going through a similar, yet unique experience.

Physical and mental wellness are equally important and linked for your postpartum recovery. Research shows that fatigue is the most predictive variable when for PPD. Your stay at Boram Postnatal Retreat is designed to build your recovery from all sides.

What mothers say about their stay

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Testimonial 1
"The fact that at 3am I had lactation guidance from an IBCLC offering support, advice, a calm listening ear and a secure successful latch was everything to me. Even after having two kids, I learned SO much!"
Testimonial 2
"All in all, I felt so much stronger, physically and emotionally, because I was able to get real rest and nurturing before I went home. If we ever have another baby, I'll stay at Boram for at least two weeks!"
Testimonial 3
"Everyone in the staff is so supportive, knowledgeable, and non judgemental (I asked my most ridiculous questions to be sure!), warm, and genuine. It really feels more like a friend has stopped by to hold/change the baby than a stranger."
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Start your postpartum care today

Become a Boram Member free today and find out if a postnatal retreat is right for you. Members gain access to virtual tours, information sessions and other resources.

Commonly Asked Questions

How long do most moms stay?

Reservations are flexible from 3 to 31 nights, but most mothers stay an average of 5 nights.

Are partners welcome?

Partners are absolutely welcome and encouraged to come! Each mother is allowed one registered support person who can come and go.

What do I need to bring?

We provide almost all of the essentials, but encourage you to bring your own breast pump to learn the proper settings from our IBCLC.

You’ve heard of a birth plan, now it’s time for your postpartum care plan.

Use our free postpartum care planner to start thinking about how you can assemble the care you need after giving birth.