Frequently Asked Questions


Book early for our best rates

3 Nights

$ 1,050 Starting nightly rate
  • 24/7 Care for Mom & Baby
  • 24/7 Lactation Support
  • 3 Meals a day for mom
  • Access to Mother's Lounge
  • Hands-on Baby Care Education

5 Nights

$ 995 Starting nightly rate
  • 24/7 Care for Mom & Baby
  • 24/7 Lactation Support
  • 3 Meals a day for mom
  • Access to Mother's Lounge
  • Hands-on Baby Care Education

7 Nights

$ 950 Starting nightly rate
  • 24/7 Care for Mom & Baby
  • 24/7 Lactation Support
  • 3 Meals a day for mom
  • Access to Mother's Lounge
  • Hands-on Baby Care Education

7+ Nights

Contact Us Customized for your stay
  • 24/7 Care for Mom & Baby
  • 24/7 Lactation Support
  • 3 Meals a day for mom
  • Access to Mother's Lounge
  • Hands-on Baby Care Education

Booking Your Stay

We recommend coming immediately after being discharged from the hospital so we can support you with breastfeeding, healing, and the transition into parenthood. However, if that does not work for your family, we accept reservations from birth to 6 weeks postpartum. 

We do our best to accommodate changes to your check in date based on your baby’s arrival. In the event that we do not have a room available due to high occupancy, we will work with you to find a suitable alternative check in date that is as close to your anticipated check in as possible.

We recommend a minimum of 5 nights. Guests stay between 3 and 40 nights.

We ask for a one night deposit to book a stay. You can process the remaining balance through your reservation portal three days prior to your estimated check-in date. Otherwise, we will process the balance using the same credit card on file prior to your arrival.

Our cancellation policy has been thoughtfully crafted to balance flexibility and fairness. Our goal is to ensure a fair and considerate approach to cancellations while upholding the quality of service we are dedicated to offer.


Health Concerns or Loss of Life: In the case of health concerns or unfortunate losses (i.e. miscarriages or loss of life), guests will receive a full refund for their stay.


NICU Babies: We make accommodations on an individual basis for moms with babies in the NICU; Our recommendation is for  NICU moms to stay at  Boram for rest & recovery, emotional support, and pumping guidance among other helpful resources.


Cancellation 14+ days prior to check-in: Guests canceling more than 14 days before original check-in date are entitled to a refund minus a $150 processing fee.


Cancellation or shortening the stay less than 14 days prior to check-in: Guests are entitled to a refund of 50% of the total reservation cost for the original reservation, unless there is a medical emergency.


Same Day Cancellation and No Show:

Guests will be charged for the entire duration of their reservation.


Upon check-in, stays that are shortened are non-refundable unless there is a medical emergency or another reason deemed appropriate by management.

Prior to your arrival, stays can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Upon check-in, stays that are shortened are non-refundable unless there is a medical emergency or another reason deemed appropriate by management.

Your Stay At Boram

At Boram, we provide individualized care. There is no set schedule. Guests may book spa services, attend daily classes and social events in The Lounge, or simply relax and enjoy their newborn. Our Care Team is happy to provide experienced, hands-on assistance and instruction that includes baby care (bathing, diapering, bottle feeding, breast feeding, swaddling, etc.), as well as mother care (physical recovery, pain management, mental wellness, etc). This first-hand learning is one of the biggest benefits guests find in staying with us. Meal service, sitz baths, and foot baths can be coordinated with the Care Team. Our Baby Room is open and staffed 24 hours a day, and snacks and beverages are always available in The Lounge.

Our team members are passionate about providing quality postnatal care!   The team consists of registered nurses, lactation counselors, postpartum doulas, and nursing assistants specialized in maternal newborn care.  All of our employees have undergone specialized training and bring their own unique experience and expertise to share. Prior to onboarding, background checks are completed and vaccinations are required.  CPR certification is also required.

Boram is not a medical facility and does not deliver medical care. If there is a medical concern, our team will advise you to call your care provider. Our team would call 911 in an emergency and support you until they arrived.

We provide individualized guidance and education through a mixture of classes and one-on-one instruction.  Educational classes and social events such as Infant Safety and CPR, Lactation Q&A, and Guided Meditation are offered daily in the Lounge.  A schedule of events can be found in the guest portal.  One-on-one instruction may include baby care (bathing, diapering, bottle feeding, breast feeding, swaddling, etc.), as well as mother care (physical recovery, transition to parenthood, emotional wellness, etc).

Every member of our Care Team has lactation training and can assist you during our stay. We also have certified lactation consultants on staff 24/7 who can assist in the room as questions arise. Our Continued Care program can provide further lactation support and resources beyond your stay.

We offer 60 minute massages a la carte. Each 60 minute massage can be tailored to your needs.

Mothers are welcome to move about Boram’s dedicated space within the hotel, as well as enjoying the additional lounges and wellness spaces within the hotel. Additionally, guests may go for walks with their baby – we are conveniently located near Central Park!

Yes! We work with you and the chef to make sure your dietary needs are met.

Boram swaddles and newborn shirts will be laundered for you.  Boram does not provide additional laundry service, however, you are welcome to use the hotel’s onsite laundry service for an additional charge, or we can share other laundry services in the area. 

Preparing for your Stay

Please bring any personal items that you may need to feel comfortable during your stay: loungewear, toiletries, and any postpartum items that may be helpful. While we provide wrap shirts, diapers, diapering items, and swaddles for baby during your stay, you will want to bring other essential items for your baby (like hats and socks), as well as an outfit for going home. We also recommend you bring  your own breast pump so our lactation consultants can teach you how to use it and have it readily available in your room. Here is a short list of recommendations:

  • Any medications as prescribed by your doctor or over the counter medications
  • Any supplies/remedies you used from the hospital that you find useful
  • Breast pump so our team can teach you how to use it!
  • Nursing bra / Nursing top
  • Pumping bra
  • Breast shields 
  • Nursing pad
  • Sanitary pads
  • Anything else you would normally pack for a hotel stay 
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Earbuds

For Baby

We have most supplies; however if you have strong preferences in products, please bring them.

  • Any personal preferences for formula, baby bottles, and baby gear
  • Clothes/layers for venturing out
  • Carrier, carseat, and/or stroller for venturing out

Your safety is important to us during your stay as well as before and after.  We encourage you to travel safely to and from our location. If transporting via car, please use a carseat. Prior to your baby’s birth, we recommend you install your car seat and there are professional resources to help you do so. At this time, the Boram Team is not able to assess car seat use or installation.  

Options include:

  • Valet parking at the hotel for $65/day
  • We have a 10% coupon for ParkNSave located at 158 W 54th St
  • https://spothero.com will give you a list of garages close to the hotel and their cost

Beyond Your Stay

Our Continued Care program offers information, emotional support, practical tips, and resources to guests after their stay.  Continued Care sessions are offered virtually and catered to our guests’ individual needs.  Dedicated lactation sessions can be scheduled with Boram lactation counselors as part of your Continued Care package.  For more information, see https://boramcare.com/continued-care/

During your stay, a Continued Care team member will discuss various forms of support that are available during the first months postpartum and create a resource list tailored to your needs.  Beyond your stay, you are welcome to contact us for connection to further resources including, but not limited to, perinatally trained mental health therapists, physical wellness support services, and meal delivery services. 


Absolutely.  We allow, and encourage,  one support person to join mom and baby during their stay if mom so desires.  Guests have reported that having a partner present enabled parents to learn together and bond as a family unit, easing the role transition.  Some guests choose to have another family member or friend as a support person instead, and others choose to stay without a support person.  Meals for your partner or support person are not included in your stay; however, they will have access to room service and can order in from nearby restaurants.

We know sibling and family visits are an integral part of welcoming your new baby into the world.  Guests may welcome visitors into their room at their own discretion or choose to meet visitors in common spaces of the hotel or local parks, cafes, or restaurants.  Because of our commitment to the health of our newborns and recovering mothers, we do not allow children or additional visitors in shared spaces within Boram. Only one support person may join mom and baby overnight.  

We ask that visitors are not symptomatic, go directly to the guest’s room when on the floor, and wear masks in the halls.  Our visitation policy may change to follow guidelines and restrictions set by our local hospitals and government.

At Boram, we are working hard to ensure that we are ready to welcome our guests. Your safety is our number one priority and we are committed to providing the peace of mind for our guests so they can relax in a safe and comfortable environment. We follow all guidelines issued by the CDC when caring for our guests.

All cleaning and disinfection procedures are being implemented in all public areas and guest rooms. Sanitizer is available in the lounge and all guest rooms.  Masks are available upon request. 

The safety and security of you and your newborn are of the utmost importance to us. We have several measures in place to help give you peace of mind:

  • All babies are banded and bands must be verified to match mom or designated, banded support person daily and at any transition between the guest room and the baby room
  • We have 24/7 baby monitors in the baby room
  • We have 24/7 security cameras on the floor 
  • The hotel security team does hourly rounds on all floors of the hotel.

Insurance Information

We provide our guests with an itemized bill that they can submit to their insurance company for reimbursement for specific non-medical, postnatal and lactation services received during their stay. Reimbursement amounts are determined by the guest’s insurance plan.

You can contact your health insurance ahead of time to see if they will reimburse you for any of the following services:

  • Emotional Assessment
  • Virtual Support (Continued Care)
  • Group Education
  • Infant Safety/ CPR classes
  • Group Lactation Classes
  • Group Parenting class
  • Individual Education
  • Individual guest education
  • Lactation Consultation
  • Lactation Products
  • Manual breast pump
  • Electric breast pump
  • Misc parts/supplies