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Boram Continued Care

Boram guests tell us that during their stay, they developed necessary parenting skills, and after their stay, they feel confident and well-equipped to parent at home. At Boram, we recognise the changing needs of newborns and their parents. We also know the long-term benefits of support during the first year postpartum. Our Continued Care program allows you to take Boram Care home with you. Your stay at Boram may have ended, but support from your Boram Care Team doesn’t have to.

What’s included

community of mothers for postpartum care


Your Care Associate is knowledgeable in a wide range of postpartum topics including infant development, breast/bottle feeding, rest/rejuvenation, and the psychological transition to parenthood.

Emotional Support

Your Care Associate provides compassionate support and connection. We understand the common challenges that postpartum parents face and are here to listen.  

parenting workshops at postnatal retreat

Practical Tips

Your Care Associate can help you identify your parenting goals and personalized strategies to work towards them.  We care about finding solutions that work for your family.  

safety and security at postnatal retreat


If we can’t provide a type of support that you are looking for, we know someone who can!  Your Care Associate can connect you with varied postpartum support professionals from our extensive network.  

postpartum care at postnatal retreat

Lactation Support

Choose to designate a number of sessions with a Boram Lactation Counselor for dedicated lactation support.  

Details about the Program

  • Packages of 4, 8, and 12 sessions are available 
  • One-on-one sessions offered via Zoom or phone
  • Flexible scheduling: you choose weekly, biweekly, or as desired
  • 45 minute sessions with designated Care Associate
  • Sessions can be used for dedicated lactation support 
  • Partners (and babies!) are always welcome 
  • Sessions begin at the scheduled time and conclude 45 minutes later
  • Sessions can be rescheduled up to 12 hours prior to the scheduled time
  • Purchased sessions expire 1 year postpartum


“It was helpful to have someone to talk to especially during such a chaotic postpartum experience. (Our Continued Care Team Member) was super supportive and gave me a lot of valuable guidance that helped me navigate these first few months.”

“(Our Continued Care Team Member) is an exceptional person who is caring and provides valuable insight to my daily parenting struggles. She constantly reminds me to care for myself when I completely forget to. She has helped me set realistic expectations for myself and my family. She's amazing and I consider her a valuable friend/advisor :)”

Start your virtual care today

4 Sessions

$ 500 ($125 per session)
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • One-on-one zoom or phone
  • Partners (and babies!) welcome

8 Sessions

$ 800 ($100 per session)
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • One-on-one zoom or phone
  • Partners (and babies!) welcome

12 Sessions

$ 1000 ($83.33 per session)
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • One-on-one zoom or phone
  • Partners (and babies!) welcome

Questions? We’ve got answers

Contact our Continued Care team for any questions about the program

Meet Your Team

Kari Esh

Virtual Care Lead
Kari believes that happy parents parent better! She partners with clients to create long-term support systems that incorporate the needs and goals of all family members, and leave parents feeling the most like themselves. Kari is a postpartum doula and parent coach with a background in clinical psychology and certification in perinatal mental health.

Joy Windley

Senior Care Associate
Joy is passionate about empowering people through education and support. She realized through personal experience that more is needed to truly support people through the postpartum period, especially in regards to lactation. She is a lactation counselor and birth and postpartum doula with a background in health education.

Jill Hurlbut

Care Associate
Jill has a knack for providing tips and tricks to make parents’ lives easier in the first months postpartum. Her bubbly personality brings warmth and comfortability to client interactions. Jill is passionate about supporting parents in creating a postpartum experience akin to what they’d envisioned. She is a full-spectrum doula with extensive infant and toddler childcare experience.

Melissa Kotlen

Care Manager
Melissa is an IBCLC, Registered Lactation Consultant, and a former Labor and Delivery nurse with a background in midwifery. She is laid back and non-judgmental, and tailors a lactation plan of care to each guest’s unique needs and goals. Melissa has a wealth of knowledge and experience (over 19 years supporting hundreds of mothers!), and a straight-forward approach that demystifies the complexities of breastfeeding.
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